WINTER POLAR FLEECE COAT Ready to Go (BJ1 & BJ2) BACK 12 &16" -

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WINTER POLAR FLEECE COAT Ready to Go (BJ1 & BJ2) BACK 12 &16" -

In stock
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This coat is ready to go, make sure you measure your dog well to see if the coat is suitable for him. (This fabric is no longer available for other sizes) 

 Our fabrics are of very high quality, the stretch and thickness may differ slightly from one fleece to the next.

//It is very important that you measure your dog before ordering a coat. For this you can refer to the graph, “HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOG”. The measurement of the length of the back should be the same or slightly shorter than that of the coat.

This is the measurements of the finished coat


BACK LENGTH;12 pouces ou 30.48 cm.

CHEST GIRTH 18 pouces ou 45.72 cm.

LENGTH; 11 pouces ou 27.94 cm.

 COL; 11.5 pouces ou 29.21 cm, hauteur du COL; 3 pouces ou 7.62 cm.


 BACK LENGTH; 14 pouces ou 35.56 cm.

 CHEST GIRTH; 19 pouces ou 48.26 cm.

 LENGTH; 11 pouces ou  27.94 cm.

 COL; 12 pouces ou 30.48 cm, hauteur COL; 2.5 pouces ou 6.35 cm.

If you notice that the coat is not the right size, we will be happy to exchange it for another coat. Simply contact us and  return it to us at your expense in its ORIGINAL condition, within 10 days of receipt. So we advise you to fit inside and make sure the coat is clean and hairless when returning.

 ## Fleece (fleece) is an ideal fabric for many of these qualities. This fabric protects against the cold while letting out moisture. Fleece (polar) has good water resistance. This is not a waterproof fabric, but under snow or light rain, your dog will stay warm and dry. One should not neglect the protection against snow “goats” which is so much sought after by owners of long-haired, woolly dogs.