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Sample size 9 regular but made a little bigger.So ideally for a dog with a rib cage between 28-31 inches, long from the back 25-26 inches. Coat leg length 26 inches.

The model is the same cut as the Shoftshell, but the fabric is thinner. ////////

Waterproof, breathable and stretchy. The new MICRO SOFTSHELL collection will charm you with its all-in-one, the outside is a waterproof and smooth fabric, while the inside is mesh. As softshells are less stretchy than crime novels, we have developed several cutouts to follow the lines and movements of the dog's body, having the effect of hindering your dog's movements as little as possible. Since this fabric has less stretch, this coat is looser too.


-Made of Micro Softshell fabric

-Waterproof, breathable (lets body heat out), stretchy and windproof.

-Snood collar so you can cover your dog's head and ears if necessary.

- Adjustment at the bottom of the legs.

-An opening for the leash at the collar.

-Reflective patches on the thighs and torso.

-Elastic to adjust to the level of the belly and thighs. As well as an elastic band for the collar.

IMPORTANT TO TAKE THE MEASUREMENTS CAREFULLY (twice rather than once). Video on Facebook. And consult the tab how to measure your dog. FINAL WIND ON THE SAMPLES.